Crocket & Kavil?

How can you not fall in love with these two sweet faces on Wet Nose Wednesday? Kavil is a 2-3 year old chihuahua that is lovable and looking for a home with lots of love to share. Crocket is a four year old black and tan Coon Hound looking for a sofa to cuddle on and a family or person to call his...
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Get The Magic 98.9 App!

What's so cool about our new app? It's FREE! You can stream Magic 98.9 in the office, at practice, or while you wait for that better music... there are so many possibilities. Our new app also has some pretty awesome features. Discover & Download right from the app! Like or Dislike using the app...
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Downtown Alive

Where Main St. - Greenville Day Thursday Date June 16, 2016 Time 5:30pm-8:30pm Appearing Magic 98.9
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