Ed Sheeran

He took a hiatus from social media for a year but Ed Sheeran is back in the spotlight after his wonderful album, Divide! See him perform the hit album in Charlotte on Sunday, September 3rd.
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Donate PJ's to the Children's Hospital

Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility. They love and know us before they even see us. They are there through many sleepless nights. They let us go, let us fail, and then teach us how to get back up. They do all of this with unwavering love. A mom is a real-life miracle. Magic 98.9, B93.7,...
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Get The Magic 98.9 App!

What's so cool about our new app? It's FREE! You can stream Magic 98.9 in the office, at practice, or while you wait for that better music... there are so many possibilities. Our new app also has some pretty awesome features. Discover & Download right from the app! Like or Dislike using the app...
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