Split the bill on a date.. or after the date goes sour?

February 16, 2017

Dating is hard enough.. but dating in the digital age can open up a huge can of worms. Imagine going a first date and hitting things off... then deciding that you don't want to go on a second date. You are an adult who excercises their free will to not see the person again. Instead of just parting ways you receive a text from the guy asking to be reimbursed for half of the bill from the first date.

That is exactly what happened to Lucy Brown of London. She met a guy on POF (Plenty of Fish) they went out, had what seemed to be a good time but she just chose not see him again. The plot thickens, somehow she ended up with the guy's watch and he said please keep it.  He felt the memory of Lucy wearing it would be too painful.  He wasn't completly set to let bygones be bygones, he asked her to split the bill, her half was £42.50. She not only gladly paid her half of the bill, she also made a donation in their name to a donkey sanctuary.  


What would you do? Laugh? Send the money? or Bar-b-que him on social media? 

Check out the full story below.

POF date leads to a donkey sanctuary.