Easter Candy on the Horizon

April 14, 2017

   What Easter Candy makes you drool? We all have our favorite, even if you don't openly admit it, there is one that will make you over eat. My favorite has always been the Cadbury Mini Eggs. I even geeked on a trip to London and bought every package in site because it was the "Real Cadbury Eggs" I am working out hard with a trainer and have avoided them so far... but we have a few days until Easter. Stay strong girl.. stay strong.. which is code for remember your trainer reads your blog. Monday are training days for me... and he will know, so don't tempt me you rascally rabbit!

   Add to the love of Easter Candy and American's need to hold "world records" there was a guy who recently set the record for eating the mostly amount of Peeps in a five minute span. He ate 255 Peeps, this makes my stomach hurt by just thinking about it. Five peeps would make me sick, really, really sick.

   We asked our people on the street and even co-workers, what Easter Candy is their faves. Wait until you see the guy, who actually loves Peeps. His answer is hilarious!