What the heck is a Saturn retrograde?!

April 19, 2017

    The day of the Boston Marathon I went for a run.  All day on my computer at the station, I kept track of my friend Marlee Rhodes, who totally beasted the course in 3 hours and 43 minutes!  At each mile when I saw her pace, I got chill bumps and felt so inspired to go knock out a hard run myself.  Before starting out on my trek, I HAD to turn on the Magic app because duh, if it plays Better Music for a Better Workday, I’m definitely gonna hear better music for a better run! The weirdest thing happened though. 

     While on my run Siri kept popping up asking, “What can I help you with?” but I didn’t need any help at all!  I was just sixty seconds into my run trying to jam out to the little rap part in Shake If Off. Of course, I immediately thought, oh I just pressed the button accidentally but it happened several times!  I finally took off my arm band, held it in my left hand and ran with my phone in my right.  Even then, with my finger nowhere near the home button, Siri wanted to help me… with nothing. 

     Exercise is supposed to release happy endorphins but after having to deal with Siri my whole run, I was nothing but frustrated and my sister easily noticed it when I got home.  She told me how my quick negativity and Siri operating on its own was a sign of the Saturn retrograde.  Now I’m a Christian so I questioned it at first but stick with me as I explain this. A retrograde is a planet suddenly moving much slower in the galaxy than normal, appearing to be moving backwards.  Although it didn’t physically change positions, it appears that way to the human eye and if something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then somethings up with Saturn right now!

     After doing my own google research, four retrogrades occur in April (Venus, Mercury, Pluto ((YES Pluto is a planet)) and Saturn.  Each planet will appear to rotate differently until a certain date and each planet will then put off different energies in the world.  Simply put, Venus will affect your past lovers until April 15th (whew, glad that’s over) and Mercury will be the blame of many miscommunications taking place until May 3rd (be mindful of your words).  Pluto’s retrograde starts on April 20th and is the positive of the four.  Its energy passing to the Earth will encourage you to think deeply on your life so embrace your mind if you go into deep thoughts!  And what about Saturn?   

     Saturn’s retrograde has already started and will last until August 25th.  During this time, the planet will be putting off negative sparks and feelings on your relationships, whether it be past, present, future or even with yourself.  And here’s what I take out of it; whether you believe in God or the stars, everything in this world has energy.  Just look at magnets!  It’s what you do with the negativity that’s going to either benefit you or destroy you.

     My run was supposed to make me feel as inspired as I felt watching my friend run the Boston Marathon. Instead, I put myself in a bad mood because of a silly Siri malfunction, which very well could have been kinetic energy from Saturn!  If it is the case or is not, remember, your energy is all about you… what are YOU going to do about the mishaps in your life?  So what Saturn is spinning differently and giving off some bad juju?  I’m going to try to make the most of it by going for another run today and singing as loud as I can in my car!  Whatever you can do to be in a joyful mood, DO IT and know that there’s some extra energies in the world right now but they can’t stop you.