Maybe, just look at the flowers...

April 14, 2017

     I don’t have a child of my own but my niece is easily my entire world so when she said she wanted me to see her favorite place, Babyland, I made sure to take off work!   If you’re not familiar, Babyland is home to the Cabbage Patch Kids in Cleveland, GA.  I don’t know what got my niece into the creepy little dolls (and let’s be honest, they do look more creepy than cute) but she went from Frozen to Trolls to Cabbage real quick!  This was her third trip there and even though I had no desire to go to the land of babies, there was no way I was going to miss it!  After all, my purpose in life, other than being an entertainer, is to be in that little girl’s life.

      Yes, I’m the fun aunt, who she calls Bug but I want to be a role model for her too and teach her valuable lessons whenever I can.  The biggest lecture she gets from me is how you should Never Give Up on anything you want because you CAN DO ANYTHING in this life! My hope is that she sees me living that phrase rather than just saying it because of course, seeing something is always better than hearing it.  I do throw in other phrases to her daily but one got me in big trouble when I tried exemplifying it while at Babyland. Before you read on, why don’t we stop and smell the roses?

     NO! Don’t do that!!! That was the mistake I made!  I told my baby niece to always stop and smell the flowers, which essentially means to take time out of the day to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life. It’s easy to value the scenery at Babyland, with the landscape being absolutely breathtaking!  The “baby hospital” itself is a white mansion with a wraparound porch with mountains on every side, with flowers surrounding the property so exquisite and perfectly in bloom for the spring.  Silly me though, trying to exemplify the exact words, “stop and smell the flowers”, I did so at every fresh bloom and boy did I pay for it this morning!

     I woke up, sincerely praying that God would help me breathe!  My tonsils were inflamed to the point they were closed and touching in my throat!  I could inhale through my nose but to swallow was so painful!! I didn’t feel sick at all and after rubbing Aleve on the tonsil balls…and I do mean, I took a Q-tip with crushed up Aleve and rubbed it on top of the hard masses of tissue, I instantly felt relief.  Maybe I should have known better to not throw my nose in every plant in the spring? They were just SO BEAUTIFUL but the next time I see my niece, I definitely need to her to not do that. Some phrases are meant to be just that, phrases.